Established in 1985, the company was born from the experience and stubbornness of its founder Francesco Giorgio, which led it to position itself as a leader in the production and marketing of beachwear and swimwear for men, women and juniors. In 2003 the entrepreneur converted the company and laid the foundations of Giorgio S.r.l. structuring the organization chart on the new production process standards.

Since the beginning of his career, Francesco Giorgio has been able to grasp the moods and tensions of consumers, to take their parts. The entrepreneur’s decades experience led him, between 2000 and 2010, to produce on behalf of the most famous international brands.

The know-how gained by the entrepreneur combined with the ability of his staff to innovate, allows him, more than ever before, to provide the client with a working team able to effectively operate and translate strategies into concrete actions and results.

Today Giorgio S.r.l. is certainly ready to face new market shares by broadening its horizons.


The ability to control the market over the years and in different contexts and scenarios (from the beachwear sector to the wider fashion sector) is the effect of a continuous innovation orientation of the tools and working methods, always moving in the forefront and focusing on “best practice”. It is a reality that has been able to stimulate the entrepreneurial concept of its resources through the attention of the entrepreneur to the final consumer. This allowed Giorgio S.r.l. to make the potential of its segment profitable.

The company is spread over more than 6,000 m2 in which a 52 unit team works synergistically to the success of products that enjoy strong appeal on the target. 80% of the production is developed internally at the Andria plant; the remaining 20% ​​is entrusted to other specialized partner companies.

The prototyping department is certainly one of the pillars of this company reality, as it allows the style office to obtain, in real time, the existing sample of every creative twist.

Quality control is entrusted to a department within the company. It is precisely the constant attention to the “people”, the purely Made in Italy design, the choice of raw materials, the accurate distribution and the speed of execution, to make Giorgio S.r.l. one of the industry benchmarks.


The know-how of the entire staff constantly evolves to achieve common goals, including creating profit.
Each department is supervised by specialized internal personnel. The entrepreneur selects every single element of his staff by demanding:

  • High level of professional training;
  • Solid previous professional background;
  • Unconventional work orientation;
  • Strong sense of responsibility and operational autonomy
  • Teamwork and attitude to confrontation;
  • Total dedication.


The objective of Giorgio S.r.l. is to always create collections with a refined taste, trying never to be spared from the aspect of research and innovation, in order to offer more and more a product that is cutting edge by transferring the customer’s attention to the final consumer.

In a panorama now marked by standardization, CHANGIT wants to be the brand that meets the aesthetic and economic needs of the target by creating balanced collections, the result of constant updates without paying attention to expenses.

To achieve the objectives, Giorgio S.r.l. is committed to guaranteeing an original and well-finished product offering an excellent quality / price ratio, working diligently on expanding the product range, focusing on quality, fitting and image and expanding beyond Italy to export the insights that distinguish the company.


In 2013, after more than 15 years of operation in the field, the Company has approached the final consumer, increasingly transversal, and the needs of retailers. Thus, after a careful observation of the contemporary market, Giorgio S.r.l. decides to create a breaking brand: CHANGIT, which collects all the fashion concepts, to introduce them with courage in the beachwear world. The DNA of the product is punctuated by:

  • Innovative collections;
  • Continue testing for the “cool” fit and fitting;
  • High quality design;
  • The most competitive price on the market;
  • First-rate advertising communication to support the sell-in and the sell-out.
  • These are the parameters that will place CHANGIT in an ad hoc customized market segment favoring the best specialists in the sector, for which it wants to fill all the needs of “retail marketing”, in compliance with the same parameters (high quality) on which Giorgio S.r.l. sets its core business.


Each partner company is selected and coordinated by the property.
From all the external suppliers, Giorgio S.r.l. requires:

Energy and Passion;

Commitment and Competence;

Innovation capacity;

Strictness in quality control and delivery times.



The selection of raw materials allows the company to use first choice and latest generation materials, excellent to reinterpret with design and processing. All the fabrics used by Giorgio S.r.l. are certified.


The professional experience of the founder (constantly updated with all the staff) is always available to the product.


Professionals with many years of work experience in the field of beachwear, the beachwear’s world and advertising. Maximum attention to technological updates for a modern and avant-garde product.
No savings in the technological development of machinery; updating and training of human resources.


The most ambitious goal is to make the product a leader in Design and Price-Ratio.


The essence of the brand is in its own name. Necessity is the desire to change. The new interpretation of femininity that is superior to superficiality and goes beyond mere aesthetics.

CHANGIT is the change, not only in style, but also (and above all) in the way of thinking.